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Del Tongo
Del Tongo
This elegant, prestigious, comfortable kitchens we offer for people feeling nostalgia for tradition, and lovers of classical style.
A restrained, rational mood, simplicity and essentiality.
A style that retains the memory of the past but still keeps up to date, offering new features arid accessories for an environment capable of adapting to all personal needs.
Living room
1. Console veneered 5 cm 
2. Back veneered h.36 cm
3. Open cabinets - h.36 cm veneered
4. Cassettes - genuine leather
5. Glass cabinets - lacquered h.52 cm
6. Backlight Led vertical L.370 cm
     Quality - premium
     Package - premium
     Delivery time 6-7 weeks
Tradition and Modernity
The concept of Wood elements exalt the texture of the freshly cut wood and paired with the classic, modern or contemporary Stosa kitchen system modules they create cosy environments that mix tradition and modernity.

In March, on all orders discount 30%
No % loan
 From March 1, the salon "Antares" offers "spring leasing" for Italian kitchens. Interest rate 0%. First installment 0%.
Prices start from 998 eur for the composition of 2400 mm
 The kitchen is made of resistant laminate. Other colors are also possible.
* Only furniture is included in the price!
Evolution System l Look System
Kitchens are available in two design systems. The Evolution System offers enhanced modularity and greater storage capacity. The Look System comes in practical modules of 75 cm in height. Aliant focuses on one of the purest of all materials, glass, and combines it with HPL, the latest technical development in laminates. Aliant kitchens can be complemented with a choice of doors and other parts to design personal solutions. The harmonious reflections of their glass parts create a sensation of lightness in which innovation always has a leading role to play. Aliant kitchens come with a vast range of accessories to suit all needs. 
Italian beauty
A model that is able to quickly and easily change the appearance at the request of the owner and regardless of his fashion and mood.
Japanese philosophy in the Italian performance
 DESIGNED BY Makio Hasuike
Diesel social kitchen
 Design by Diesel with Scavolini
Our Ligo sale is on with up to 30% off all
A modern take on kitchen design.
Quiet elegance and stylish luxury
 Project "Blueberry" in Jurmala where we also participated.


Recipe for uniqueness
In March and April, a 30% discount on the model "Luxury Glam"
Great news! We are all set to welcome you at our new store located at 17 Anniņmuižas street, IXO centre. Hurry up, first 100 customers get a 30% discount!
Follow the link below to see one of our projects "Jasmine Garden"
Instagram: antarescucine_riga
Sale %
Kitchen "Spazio" with marble top.

*The price does not include electrical appliances.
Beautiful kitchens can cost small price! Only here in our showroom, action - 30% of kitchen for free!
Elegant style, the highest quality of materials and custom solutions - this is special sign of italian kitchens! You deserve it!

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Antares Cucine
Address: IXO Centre, 2 floor Anniņmuižas 17, Rīga, LV-1029
Phone: Salons m.t. 26208822, 29224882
E-mail: antares@antares.lv, jf@antares.lv
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